CSC in the Community

How CSC Buying Group participates in the wider community.


Food for Kids


CSC Buying Group is a Charitable Trust. We have three clearly defined drivers:

  • Discounts to our members
  • Increased sales for our suppliers
  • Contributing to our community

This is the CSC win : win : win value proposition.

CSC is a major sponsor of Christian Camping New Zealand. Over 400,000 people were guests at a Christian Camp in 2012. These are awesome facilities that serve a huge range of groups (schools, families, sports - you name it). Where would New Zealand be without them!

We all know children are our future. CSC has partnered with some key suppliers to support a "Teach kids to cook" programme through Stand For Children (previously known as the Children's Health Camps).

Other donations have gone to causes such as Special Children's Christmas Party, Sports Camps, Transform Aotearoa and Bible in Schools.

In 2015 CSC coordinated a container load of building materials to be sent to Vanuatu following their devasting cyclone. In addition to our financial contribution, we also pulled together resources from suppliers and community groups to ensure that we all could make a meaningful contribution in their time of need.

We also support the community through providing a special employment opportunity, being active within the Chamber of Commerce and membership of organisations such as Philanthropy NZ.

CSC also actively works with other Not for Profit groups to identify where we may assist them to save money.

Useful Links

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our preferred suppliers include: