Discover Clevedon Oysters

Posted by CSC on June 14, 2016


Discover Clevedon Coast Oysters

Earlier this month I (Jeanie) was lucky enough to be invited to visit the Clevedon Coast Oyster farm – it was fascinating!

Our visit started with a tour of the factory where the oysters are brought up the channel by barge direct to the factory, sorted by size, either repacked into cages to be deposited back into the ocean to allow further growth, or shucked (using an air gun) and packed ready for shipment to customers in NZ or overseas.

We then boarded the barge and headed out to the oyster farms to see the oyster stocks and oysters being harvested. Clevedon Coast Oysters collect spat (baby oysters the size of a pin head) naturally and then these spat are placed in the clean growing waters of the Haurauki Gulf and left to grow for 12-18 months before harvest.

If anyone would like further information on Clevedon Coast Oysters then please do not hesitate to contact me; alternatively a selection of Clevedon Coast Oysters are available from Bidvest.